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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Last Semester

Currently breathing the last semester of college before going for my internship. I am quite nervous. It was a blink of eye that I am now starting my journey to a bigger perspective of life. I just could not swallow it all up at once. I have to think about what I really want to do in my life, what I want people to see or expect from me. Being an only child is sometimes hard for me to cope. The hopes are all on me. My parents have different expectations on how should I grow up and how should I start living like. I really need some space to breath. I am relieved that I will no longer be an only GRANDchild. I am so delightful to realize that my aunt and uncle (mom's side) are expecting a baby. I wish the baby is a twin. I wish. Haha. But it doesn't matter if it is a boy, a girl or a twin, I still love the baby as my first-mom's-side-cousin. I really want the baby to grow up healthy and of course I want my cousin to be successful in life and I want him to be as intelligent as Albert Einstein. No kidding. Back to what I was saying, there are so much to expect on this last semester; good CGPA, my aunt's baby shower, internship location, Christmas preparation, and so on and on and on. I really hope I can do everything right this semester. Trying to catch up everything and trying hard not to miss any assignments given. If diploma is as hard as this, then I should work harder if I am thinking of forwarding my studies to a higher education level: Bachelor Degree. How nice to have that in my resume. But that is still in my dreams. Congratulation to those who passed those Degree years. I am still behind you - I know. I will someday be like you but in a weirder version or somehow different. World peace.

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