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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Last Semester

Currently breathing the last semester of college before going for my internship. I am quite nervous. It was a blink of eye that I am now starting my journey to a bigger perspective of life. I just could not swallow it all up at once. I have to think about what I really want to do in my life, what I want people to see or expect from me. Being an only child is sometimes hard for me to cope. The hopes are all on me. My parents have different expectations on how should I grow up and how should I start living like. I really need some space to breath. I am relieved that I will no longer be an only GRANDchild. I am so delightful to realize that my aunt and uncle (mom's side) are expecting a baby. I wish the baby is a twin. I wish. Haha. But it doesn't matter if it is a boy, a girl or a twin, I still love the baby as my first-mom's-side-cousin. I really want the baby to grow up healthy and of course I want my cousin to be successful in life and I want him to be as intelligent as Albert Einstein. No kidding. Back to what I was saying, there are so much to expect on this last semester; good CGPA, my aunt's baby shower, internship location, Christmas preparation, and so on and on and on. I really hope I can do everything right this semester. Trying to catch up everything and trying hard not to miss any assignments given. If diploma is as hard as this, then I should work harder if I am thinking of forwarding my studies to a higher education level: Bachelor Degree. How nice to have that in my resume. But that is still in my dreams. Congratulation to those who passed those Degree years. I am still behind you - I know. I will someday be like you but in a weirder version or somehow different. World peace.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frustration - Let it all out.

Everybody knows that frustration is a natural thing that will happen to all of us. I hate it, you hate it and so does other people. But somehow, people tend to give up their own frustration. I am happy that frustration in life doesn't really take hundreds of years to recover. Having that tinge of sadness in your heart takes time to heal. For example when you are trying hard to solve a problem but ended hurting yourself and others that are involved in that particular problem. It may take few days or months or maybe years to stop being frustrated. Sometimes I wish that I am a house cat that is having sleeping and eating as a routine. I just love how life can be so complicated yet enjoyable at the same time. Everybody is human and human is everybody.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I didn't know that I was chosen to be one of the finalist for my song "I am your best friend" until last week when I received a text saying "You are one of the finalist.". It clashes with "some other things" that I know I was suppose to attend. Unfortunately, I had to skip that "some other things" due to this singing thing. I don't know if the blame should be on me or should it be consider as a normal thing that will happen to everybody else when they can't attend "something" because of "something else". Have you ever experience this kind of situation? I am experiencing it right now. It feels weird and at the same time, I'm disappointed with "some other people" who was not able to understand it all when actually I've been trying hard to tell that "some other people" that I will not be able to attend that "some other things" because of my HUGE personal problem that will affect the whole "some other things". And now? I have a great reason why I am not attending your "some other things".

One word for the "some other things"


Friday, July 29, 2011

The Princess Diaries

My all time favourite! I felt like a princess just by watching this movie. I've watched like thousands of times. I love ot so much. It may sounds childish to some others but I just love it so much. It's about 15 year old girl who is living an average life with her single mother. When her mother visits her in San Fransisco, Mia thought that she came for tea but instead, she came to tell her about her real family. She belongs to the royal family of Genovia. She had hard times to get used to it but time helps her to be a good princess. She went through some nasty gossips and friendship problem but she managed to settle it down. When the time comes to make her as an official princess, she was scared and confused. Thanks to her late father for giving her a letter for her 16th birthday that strengthen her to be a real princess. She made her way to the royal house with a spontaneous attire and made her decision to be a princess and someday to rule Genovia. 

I can tell you so much about this movie that I didn't have to stop typing and start thinking on how the story goes. I just love this movie. I started watching it since I was in primary school. A big fan. HAHA. This movie really tells me that I don't have to be afraid or ashamed for who I am and where I came from. 
P / S: I love Anne Hathaway! 
Cheers! ^.^


Avatarrrrr!!! Yes it's Avatar. Blue face with white moles on the face. Weird. HAHA. First of all, I wanna say that it's a very long movie. It took about 171 minutes to finish. Gosh. That was long. It's awesome though. I felt like watching aliens moving infront of me. Best view is in the cinema without any 3D glasses. (They are annoying--->3D glasses.) Basically it's a story about an action-adventure journey of self-discovery, in the context of imperialism and deep ecology. Found that on wiki. I love wiki. It gives you informations. By the way, this is how the Avatar motion was captured. 

Awesome huh? I know it's too late for me to talk about this but yeah... It is still on mind. I hate how they look like but somehow I do love it because it is unique. I love the graphic for being awesome. Referring to the high technology in movie making, it makes me think that animations would someday look like real people and maybe Angelina Jolie wouldn't grow old in movies. It may come to a concept of celebrities, just taking their royalty pay for being characterized in a movie. Avatar made me think that way. The graphic and all was too cool for me to criticize. 

Making a movie is not easy as what we all know. A good producer and director helps the budget to be worth enough paying the movie's costs. Actors help the crew to double the profit. The crew help the actors to look good in camera. Helping each other make things gather. Cheers! ^.^

When In Rome

It was a great movie! My friend, Sue and I was talking about it on facebook chat. It was hilarious when Beth was trying hard to make the vase break into tiny pieces. It was a tradition where they have to hit the vase on something hard on a wedding day and the number of the broken pieces indicates the years of happiness in the future. Beth was trying hard on breaking it but failed. She tried and tried again until Nick came to help her and TADAAA! It's broken. Which makes me think that Beth would be happy in the future if it is spent with Nick. The other thing that I think was hilarious was when Nick translated Beth's speech on her sister's wedding. The translation was bad that Nick didn't really know how to translate it. The people went silent when the words that came out of Nick's mouth was quite embarrassing in a way. 

I've been watching this movie for several times now. Once a month, I think. My dad asked me "Why do you watch it again and again when you've watch it once." I didn't say anything but to be frank, it's a girl thing. Girls like watching their favourite movies over and over again. It just feels good! HAHA. 

It's an interesting comedy romance movie. It tells you that out of all the boys that you thought were not right for you, there must be one who is really true to you and love you for who you are. Love doesn't have to rush. Love is understanding. Love is patient. Love is precious. Love is pure. Love is wonderful. Those are the things I've learned in this movie. Inspiring for both adolescence and adults. Cheers! ^.^

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Chucky. He's the famous evil doll that any kid would ever know. My friend thought that he was cute and I was like "NO WAY!" He's ugly to me. I don't really remember how the story went. I watched it when I was about 7 years old or younger. I can't really remember. It's terrifying to watch a doll to kill something. Since then, having a doll that owns eyes like Chucky's, would end up having the rest of its life in my cupboard or in my closet. Every kid that watched Chucky would either become traumatized or get even more aggressive in imagining theirself as a Chucky doll. Kids have wide imagination till there's a time when they think that they can be a Superman. 

I don't think that Chucky's movies are suitable for children because knowing that a child interprets things differently from the adults. They do not know how to differentiate the bad things from the good things around them. Everything that they see, touch or taste may come into their senses and influences their daily activity.

In an adult perspective, Chucky is a sensational horror movie. It is an awesome and unique horror movie. I'm not sure about the way adults interpret it but obviously, adults can think wiser compared to the younger ones.

Chucky brings memories of me and my cousins when we were so afraid to sleep in the room without our parents together with us. We even stayed up late to make sure that there will be no Chucky around. It felt too real to us during that time. Even though it's terrifying and scary in a way, it makes me remember my cousins. Horror movie can sometimes brings the old memories to be remembered. Cheers! ^.^